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We have been coaching, educating and training our patients, customers and clients to succeed. We have educated millions to live a more extraordinary life over the last 3 decades.

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Our Mission is your Lasting Confidence!

Life is a journey of learning and growing, as a matter fact you only truly feel alive when you are growing and improving.
When you actively work to improve and grow this builds confidence.

We are not born with confidence, it is something that we develop through continued self improvement on a mental, physical, and spiritual level.
Confidence is a catalyst to trying new things, learning, stepping out of your comfort zone and growing.

Confidence is belief in one’s self and knowing you can take on life challenges overcome fear and succeed.
Often our confidence is attached to our beliefs and the way we look and feel. When you are not at your best and feel you have lost your edge it weakens your confidence. (Examples: Being out of shape, low energy, lack of performance, thinning hair, signs of aging setting in, feeling unattractive or undesirable to your partner etc.) At Lasting Confidence we want to help you get that edge back and help create Lasting Confidence in your life. Confidence that creates growth, productivity and extends into all areas of your life.
Knowing that confidence is attached to your psychology and shown in your physiology we provide programs, products, and procedures that are intended to help bolster your confidence in many areas.

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As media consultants for CNY Central, NBC 3 WSTM, CBS 5 WTVH and Wednesday Wellness on Krock, Galaxy Media, Iheart radio and through our inspirational Unleashed seminars and educational online courses.

Jeramy and Kim Freeman have created the # 1 weight loss transformation program in the country. We have helped to educate, inspire and achieve results for ALL our clients all over the world.

Our clients lose an average of 42 pounds in 42 days with nutrition education, supplement recommendations and training programs customized just for you. Thanks to the FDA we can now recommend and utilize the power of medication and the expertise of our weight loss physician to give you the best formula for long-term success.

Team of Expert Doctors


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